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Here are links to some videos that I have created to help you as an Administrative Professional.

Administrative Professional Foundation

An administrative professional is often called "the role with no job description," because the responsibilities can vary so much. When you support an executive, you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. However, there are basic job duties and skills that most administrative professionals share. In this course, Aimee Reese reveals the secrets of seasoned and successful admins, and describes what the path looks like as you advance toward C-level executive support. She describes the interpersonal skills required, from working with colleagues and supporting multiple executives simultaneously, to working on a team and managing other admins. Plus, learn job-specific skills such as handling mail and email, managing a calendar, setting up flawless meetings, and using the latest technology.

Tips & Tricks of Productivity & Time Management

Administrative professionals work extremely hard to be successful in their jobs and happy in their lives. But working hard doesn’t always mean working effectively. Find out if you could be more productive if you managed your time better.

Programs to Help You Become a More Efficient Administrative Professional

Frustrated by the lack of online resources, Aimee began sharing her own learnings from her 25 years' of experience as an administrative assistant and a C-Level EA. We kick-off this new monthly feature with Aimee's introduction to great tools to help you with project and task management and new ways to create an agenda!

How to Manage Multiple Calendars Efficiently

Have you ever gotten a frantic call from your Manager asking details about an upcoming meeting, who their meeting is with or where they need to be next? Aimee Reese, PACE and EA to a C-Suite Executive has the answers to your calendar management questions!

Aimee's Favorite Hacks

It’s tip time! Senior Executive Assistant and EA Summit Advisory Council member Aimee Reese lends her expert advice frequently to members on ASAP’s YouTube channel.

For more tips and  information visit my blog under the Admin Professional Category!